Friday, December 15, 2017

Maintenance...Variety Style

                 BRRR...Winter has arrived, and since it is nice to have a white Christmas, I will let it stay until then...yes I am a little delusional.  We are headed to my daughter's tomorrow, and on Sunday meet up with my son's family. We seem to be on an every other year Christmas outing to NYC. We see the morning Rockettes' Show, ooh and ahh at the beautiful Rockefeller tree, have lunch and see something new.  
         Maintenance this week was on Thursday, Master said it would be a variety maintenance.  I was not sure what that meant, but knew it would start with some naked kneeling time. Master was using His hands and voice to remind me that  no matter what, 'all of me, all of the time...HIS'.  As soon as I am relaxed, Master has me get over his knee, and He starts with a hand warm-up, while we are still chatting a bit.
The maintenance paddle always seems to just appear in His hand and He starts in has been more than a week.  Four sets of 25, rubbing between sets, each set a little harder...I settle into the routine.  After the last set Master tells me time to 'thank him'..I am up and on my knees, enjoying His taste. Master is also making sure that I am enjoying, using His fingers to get me 'all wet, soppy and messy'...His description.
       Just as I am thinking permission time...Master says to is maintenance---variety style.  He tells me to go to His bag and get a leather toy for round two. Round two ..of maintenance...I look at Him trying to wrap my head around this idea of His. He tells me ...we could repeat round one first as He picks up the maintenance paddle. I get up and moving, looking for my favorite rose paddle, as Master is telling me to decide or He will.  I cannot find the rose paddle, but do find a black leather paddle, hand it to Master and get back over His knee. Different paddle, same routine...4 sets of 25 with a stop for some rubbing  after each set, and me 'thanking' Master at 100. 
        Master then tells me to get a wooden paddle out of His bag.  I think about telling Him, He already used wood when He started with the maintenance paddle, but know better, He would probably use it again and still have me get another wooden one.  I am looking for the lightest one I can find, first one out is a shamrock one....small, but heavy.  The next one I find is the 'My Paddleman' gift to Him a few Christmases ago.  I put it aside, but the next one is a mahagony paddle same size, but heavier.  Master is giving me the..decide!..look so I choose the paddleman one. He is surprised, but pleased at my choice.   Same routine...third time.
         I am thinking..hoping...we might be done.  Master says, one more since we have missed quite a few. The only different paddle left is the acrylic one, I am not happy, even on a very warm bottom, it HURTS!  Master surprises me, and asks if I would like to get the flogger out of His bag. No need to ask me twice....He tells me to stay standing and lean into the mantle of the fireplace. Same routine, He starts off with lots of swishing and very light....ohhhhh, soooo nice.  Each set is heavier, but I am in my zone, enjoying the sensations. After the last set Master is rubbing my back telling me how nice and warm it is.  I am so relaxed....and I hear...turn around, put one hand under each breast and present them to me.
      Not words I love to hear, but I am mellow and know that it will happen.  I close my eyes, since otherwise I flinch and get out of position.  He is still using the flogger, but not at full length.  One set of 25, with only one warning not to cover my nipples and Master is please.  Master knows that ending with the flogger will have me practically dripping and just about ready to ask for a permission.  Master decides I should 'simmer' a He stirs the pot and makes sure I will explode on His command.  I am soon begging for permissions...and as Master said much later.....that was one..or two...or three...for the books....I just nod as I snuggle into Him content, satiated.....and ready for a nap.
hugs abby


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sunny's MEME

Can You Fill This Out Without Fibbing? (yes, since Master will be reading

1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
    a mini Christmas mint cookie
2. Where was your profile picture taken?
    at one of the grand's...all wearing matching frog shirts
3. Worst pain?
    Three years ago when I had the largest gall stone the doc's had ever seen....not the thing I would have chosen to be known for...
4. Favorite place I have traveled?
    Tough one, I have enjoyed all of them...a girl's trip many years ago to England, Scotland and Ireland.
5. How late did you stay up  last night?
     I am usually in bed around 10:00, but last night was the Alabama election, I was up til midnight watching the results.
6. If you could would you move?
    Yes, someplace with no snow and walking distance to the nearest beach.
7. Favorite toy as a child?
    Probably my bicycle....
8. Favorite TV show as  a kid?
9. How do you feel right now?
    Content...looking forward to a fun weekend with the grands.
10. When was the last time you cried?
       A few days favorite uncle ( I had 16 uncles) passed  away....remembering our special memories.
11. Who took your profile picture?
        My daughter
12.  Who is the last person you took a picture with?
        Probably one or more of the grands.
13.  What is your favorite season?
        Fall ... love the foliage, the cooler weather, and usually no snow!
14.   If you could have any career what would you pick?
       Most days I loved the career I had...teaching junior high.
       Being retired is a close second.
15.  Do you think relationships are worth it?
       YES.....cannot imagine the loneliness otherwise.
16. If you could talk to anyone right now, who would it be? parents since question did not specify had to be living.
17.  Are you a good influence?
      LOL....I think much better now that I am older.
18. Does pineapple belong on pizza?
      Yes, if there is also ham and cheese.
 19.   You have the remote what are you watching right now?
        Right now, a Christmas Special...usually something on NetFlix.
20.  Who do you think will play along?
Sunny's question:
Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
  Both...we get to open one from another member of the family on Christmas Eve, and everything else in the morning.

My question...Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration?
Mine is a floor to ceiling wall hanging of a decorated christmas tree with presents all made from felt.  I made it the year I was pregnant with my oldest daughter....she has already made it know it is hers when I stop decorating.

hugs abby


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hello...With a Heart Full of Gratitude...

         Where to begin?  I guess first with a THANK-YOU, to all of you who have inquired where I was and how was I doing. I owe you each a thank-you note, which I am working on. It is  amazing how people you have never met in person, can care so much about each other...your notes helped me remember how blessed I am.
      Next, an APOLOGY  for being gone so long. I never meant for it to be that long, but the longer I was  away the harder it seemed to start again. I will tell you that I missed being here, I did keep up some with most of you. I do not plan on any other long absences, at least without a warning and updates.
       The REASON....just life. I am okay, as is Master, and W/we are still U/us.  I have been away more than usual, I was not feeling well for a bit, M has been crazy busy at work, and His work trips always seem to be when I am home. He is still working weekends and extra long days.  
       About a month ago, Master asked if I knew how many maintenance spankings we had missed...I replied...a lot?  He chuckled and agreed that was what He was thinking.  He said 6 seemed like a fair number and we would make up 2 per day for the next three days.   I was leery...seemed like a lot for my bottom to suddenly absorb. We got through the first day, did not get to it the second day...such is life....and on the third day.....He nicely offered me a long flogging instead...I am sure you all know how long it took be to get naked and ready...the blink of an eye?  
            Winter has arrived, here. Living close to a great lake is wonderful in the summer, but just means more snow in the winter. I am gearing up for Christmas...all the grands will be at grandma's:):)! Lots of traditions to continue, and pass on.  
             It is good to be back....
hugs abby

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Status...good girl:)

      Life has continued to be extremely busy here....spent a couple weeks grandchild sitting and Master's work project is still causing Him to work mostly 12 hour days, and some weekend time.  To top it off, Mother Nature seems to have gone off her pills...90 here today, and for the next couple of days...normal high...low 60's.  
      Friday we took some time to get caught up on a couple of maintenance spankings that were pending.  I was kneeling naked, while Master was 'playing' with my nipples.  It has been a while and I kept reminding myself to breathe and find my quiet place.  I started to move my hands away from their position and quickly caught myself.  Master gave me a look, and said...'my toys'...he then immediately corrected himself and look right at me and said, 'I should toy'.  His message was effectively sent...all of me is His.  I settled for a bit, but then started to squirm at bit at the pinching, when Master offered to soothe my nipples.
          He was using his tongue and mouth varying the sensations and intensity.  I was squirming again...but for a different reason.  He told me to watch closely, so I started to watch what he was doing ...I quickly looked away a bit, and he grabbed my hair and pulled me in closer...'watch'. He continued to hold me in place when he switched to the other nipple.  Watching added to the intensity, and i could feel myself getting so wet. Master decided we should move on to maintenance, since permissions only follow maintenance.
           I am over his lap, he asks how many we have missed, I tell him two.  He is 'massaging' my bottom when he remarks, we have been doing double you think you have done  enough to go back to single.  I replied that I did, I was trying to stay close....He agreed I had done well, so we could go back to single maintenance spankings of 100 spanks.  But....oh why is there always a is a 30 day probation, and if he sees me start to run in the wrong direction, we will resume increased maintenance, and it will be more than doubled.  The 'busyness' of the last few weeks, has shown me, again, how important that closeness is...I do intend to remember that.
          The spanks begin, sets of 25 with a wonderful stop for some rubbing after each set.  After the first 100 it is 'break' time, my turn to use my tongue and mouth to tantalize Master.  He never lets me get to the point of totally distracting him...too soon it is time for the second 100.
            It is finally time to move on to more pleasurable has been way too long...even for us 'old' folks.
After several permissions and lots of is nap time...
hugs abby

Friday, September 8, 2017

How Many is Too Many???

          My title question could apply to a lot of things...I am betting most of you are thinking spanks.....
         For the past year Master has been working on the same major project at is nearing completion. Two weeks ago today, I got a message saying....project has a major glitch..not sure when I will be home.  Well, He has worked every day since then, including the weekend and the Monday holiday.  A twelve hour day was a short the title could refer to work hours...but it does not.  
          Yesterday, Master managed to get out of work at the normal time.  He quickly declared it maintenance day...I suggested a quiet, restful evening....he gave me 'that' look. So I was quickly kneeling, naked, as we chatted a bit. The chatting stopped as I started squirming when Master decided to concentrate on my nipples...the squirming was replaced with panting and then moaning.  Master was chuckling, telling me to slow down, he was just getting started...I tried telling him he needed to slow down.
          He nicely switched to a warm-up spanking and rubbing, soooo relaxing.  Too soon he asks  me to hand over the maintenance paddle.  It's been almost two weeks, so I am ouching and almost from the beginning.  He stops after 25, for some rubbing and quiet talk, stops after 50, I ask if this is the half - way point, when I get a break to suck his cock.  He tells me nice try...but no, we are still on double I get my sucking break after 100. 
           Master announces that it is harder play day....I do counter with it is not even a Monday.  No, but it is the first time we get to spank this month, so it is harder play day for this month (not a trend I am fond of, since in the past if we did not get to spank on the first harder play that month).   Master adds, He is going to use the large leather of my favorites...and I can choose the position.  
              I am leaning over supported by pillows, hanging on to  pillow, he has decided on sets of 10.  They are hard, but my bottom is nicely warmed by a double maintenance, so I am mostly enjoying.  One hundred later, Master puts the strop down, and lets his fingers search out any signs of 'enjoyment'.
We get more comfortable and it does not take long for me to be asking for a permission...thankfully that one permission is good for a string of O's.  We are talking carefully, and Master is quietly touching and I start to try to let him know, that more permissions might be in order.  Master makes sure that more are needed, and I am exploding and asking for more.  Finally, I am laying  spent, and Master decides to see if I might have a few more in me...I say something about enough...and he many orgasms is too many?? (I have no answer....but I am sure there is one).  Master, of course does prove to me that it was not enough....and wonder....are there ever too many???
        Once I have recovered my wits I ask Master how long the double maintenance will last.  He says, until I see and feel you running to me, not away from me, when we have that special feeling of closeness...and if it doesn't happen soon, I am thinking double maintenance is not enough...maybe triple will work.  ( I had honestly thought that after a couple weeks, he would just drop it...I know...silly me).  We have talked more about it...and it am realizing it is more about the little things that I have let slide and need to get back to...
             I hope you are all safe an protected from this crazy weather.  I am off to my daughter's...she is off to Germany on a work trip for 10 days...
hugs abby

Monday, August 28, 2017

My Shortest Spanking!

       I bet that title has many of you wondering...a short spanking...Master gave her a short spanking???
      It was last Friday...and we were ready for some Friday Fun.....Master tells me to get the maintenance paddle from His bag.  I give him a 'look' but get the paddle.  He  has me get over His knee, and He says we will start with my hand then the paddle...He looks at the clock and says...hmm 7 minutes.  I am thinking I heard wrong or He means this is just the warm-up.  No...He started with his hand for a couple minutes, switched to the paddle, and at the end of  7 minutes He was done.......with spanking me.  We did move on to having a fun Friday with lots of fun...and permissions...
           Today was regularly scheduled maintenance.  As I am kneeling naked, Master decides to concentrate on my nipples.  He is pulling and pinching and rubbing, and I am trying to stay still. Master tells me if I am a 'good girl', He will stop using His fingers and use His mouth.  I say something about He said something similar on Friday, and it never happened.
He looks at me ...agrees...and immediately one of my nipples is in his mouth.  He is sucking, licking, lapping, nipping and biting, reminding me not to move my hands.  I am panting and trying to stay still. Master tells me I have permission to cum at any time...but it has to be while He has a nipple in His mouth.  He adds, of course such a thing could never happen...words that, by now, I know mean...He will keep at it, and I will be cumming.  And yes, He kept at it until I was mumbling about needing a permission...and off I went...cumming just from breast stimulation....
              Once I was lucid and aware of my surroundings, Master reminded me, it is M/M day....time for me to be over His lap.  He does start with a warm-up, before switching to the maintenance paddle.  He stops after 25 for some rubbing, and again at 50, saying at the half way point, I can use my mouth on Him...I ask if this is the half way point, hoping that we are back to single maintenance..100 spanks.  He asks if i remember the weekend...I do...I was quiet and kept to myself...Master did try to help but I was not exactly open to Him.  He tells me, until He feels we are back being very close, double maintenance will continue. He knows what that feels like ( and so do I), and He wants nothing less, and it is not what is happening maintenance stays til I find my way back to that closeness. ( and yes, He has asked what He can do to make that happen).
               After the first 100, I am on my knees, using my mouth, lips, tongue and teeth on Master.  He stops me before I totally distract Him, to finish up the last 100....I am not as wriggly or as vocal as I was for the first set, Master remarks that He likes my acceptance.  He plays with my plug, (I am required to wear it during maintenance, until I am told I may remove it.).  I ask if the  plug can be removed before I leave to go to pay my respects to the family of a former student who passed away.  Master says He likes the thought of me, still wearing it.  We move on to pleasuring each other and when we have recovered, I ask for permission to get dressed.  Master tells me to bend over He will remove the plug...I tell Him, I decided I would like to wear it for the rest of the day, if that is acceptable to Him.  I get a big smile, and a nod.....
Have a good week all...hugs abby

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Master's Welcome Back....

        I had a wonderful time at my son's.  There was a fairy garden birthday party, where everyone made their own fairy garden, the weather cooperated so we had lots of pool time, and I did get to see 'my boys' play the Yanks.  They won 2/3 games of the series, we were at the one they loss..but it was an exciting game, weather was good, beer was cold, my son and I had a great time!
       One of the best parts of being away...returning to Master. He is always waiting with lots of hugs...and often a paddle...LOL.  Maintenance was on Wednesday this week, I was  hoping that we were back to regular maintenance...100 with the maintenance paddle.  I was pretty good while away....
After my naked kneeling, I am over Master's lap, and am squirming and ouching from the beginning.  I complain that the spanks are hard, and He chuckles and says good, that is my plan.  We get to 50 and I am given a break... I quickly kneel and find Master's cock....I always secretly hope to distract Him enough, that He will forget the next 50...has not happened yet.  After the next 50 and another break, Master tells me time for the second set.  I mention that He had said we could go back to 100 for maintenance, He replied, He had considered it, but decided it was too soon...UGH.
       My bottom was better prepared for the second round of maintenance and I was much more accepting and less vocal.
He will let me know next Monday if the 'double dose' is over.
After another 'break', Master says that I did not set the terms for our baseball wager, when He asked.  I had not, I wanted to come up with something different, and then ended up at my son's and just did not get to it.  
           Master said He set the terms, for each game the sox won, I would bet 50 with the flogger :):):)...that had me smiling.  For the one game the Yanks won...50 with the cane:(
....We would start with the flogger, 100 since my boys won 2 games.  I was leaning into the fireplace mantle, four sets of 25, with lots of relaxing, sexy, swishing between sets....sooo nice!
        Of course, then came Master's 50. I leaned over and presented my bottom....and after the first one, let out and big ouch and stood up....Master commented that I was not prepared.  He eased up a bit on the next ones, and I was able to stay in place.  He stopped after 25 for some rubbing..and He likes the feel of the welts.  When it was time for the last 10 He asked if they should be on my thighs....I very submissively replied, where ever He wished, Sir.  He thankfully continued on my bottom. Finally time to catch up on some sweet lovin...and a few permissions :):):)...
           I am still in the process of catching up with most of you....seems lately I am mostly in catch-up mode.  
hugs abby